In the closet

My favorite color is pink. It’s almost always been my favorite color: there were a few years recently, when all of a sudden it was green — the color of the 4th Chakra, which is all about love — but that passed. But now it’s all about pink.

When I first moved into the house I remember saying to a friend “I would paint my bedroom pink, but then no man would ever enter my bedroom again!” I thought, “I’m a grown up now. I bought a house. I can’t have pink rooms!” I decided to keep my love of pink in the closet. Literally. I decided to paint the insides of my closets pink.

My first was the main closet in the master bedroom’s bathroom. I painted it Benjamin Moore’s Crushed Berries.


The Inspiration

Crushed Berries
Crushed Berries 2076-30

How’d I choose that pink from so many others? I was inspired by the inside of a pair of shoes, which I bought mainly because they had a hot pink leather as the insole. I spent a holiday weekend re-doing that closet (taking out old hardware, painting and Elfa-ing) and I love the results.

old closet



finished closet


I’d planned to strategically get my pink groove on in the other closets and the laundry area as well. Maybe a hallway. Any place I thought I could put pink that most people would never see. There was no way I was painting my bedroom pink, or oh dear god, not any of the walls in the open main space! I didn’t want to have to explain my lifestyle, a grown woman, loving pink.

Now I’ve changed my mind. I’m in the midst of choosing a pink for my bedroom. This might be bad. Really bad. There are so many pinks out there. But this is what this blog is all about: Trying new things! Making decisions! Letting myself make mistakes. A mistake. Maybe a small one. I can always repaint, right?


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