And the winner is…

Vintage Claret!

Hadn’t mentioned that color before, had I?  O.k. So. I took all of the pink samples and poured them into a bucket and it made a very beautiful pink color, that I had no desire to put on my bedroom walls. So I painted it the color I’d decided on months ago, Vintage Claret. It’s a deep, intense pink, “so bold and so inviting… a bright violet pink color…” Technically it’s pink, so I’m not completely in the closet about my love of pink.

Julia Pink

Really pretty but...

Originally, the bedroom had been a peachy beige. Maybe salmon-y. Peachy salmon. I’m not sure how to describe it, but I knew I wanted to get rid of it. I painted the bedroom Ashley Gray (Benjamin Moore). Not Chelsea Gray, one of the famous Benjamin Moore grays, but Ashley Gray, a kind of deep greige. It was nice. It was fine. But really what had I been thinking? Deep greige? That’s so not me. I’d let myself be influenced by too many decor blogs, and the whole “gray” thing. (I’d painted the office a gray too, but that’s another post.)


Before: peachy beige


Then: Deep Greige

I found Vintage Claret, a rather bold choice if I do say so myself. But before I got around to painting the bedroom. I saw a video ona Benjamin website (see link above) and “Sonu” suggested using Vintage Claret in the kitchen. Genius!! That’s what I have to do! So, long story short (I know: too late), that’s when the search for another perfect pink  started.


Now: Wow!

But the lesson here is to follow my instincts. When I saw Vintage Claret I knew immediately I wanted it for the bedroom, but then I let self doubt in, instead of just forging ahead. It took a while but in the end I realized my initial instincts were right. So it’s Vintage Claret in the bedroom.

And maybe one day in the kitchen.


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