Good Bones

I love my bright yellow house! Inside it’s got good bones. It’s a three bedroom/two bath in the Agave development of modern homes here in East Austin. It just needs make up and hair.

main room

main room from the front door

The open central space haunts me. It’s so open, with windows and doors on all sides, exposing two floors, every choice influences another space. How do paint colors and rugs work with the concrete floors which are awesome!)? How do counter tops and seating work with the color of the kitchen? What to do with the huge blank canvas that is the 2nd floor wall and the catwalk? And what does the blazing sun do to all of it when it’ s 104 degrees here in Austin? It’s all a little overwhelming for this relatively new homeowner.


Looking and the kitchen and front door on the right. Same space!

That said this room is breathtaking. It’s the reason I bought the house! Seriously, even in its current state it’s breathtaking when I stop and look at it. I know this space could be STUNNING!!


But. I’m an untrained home decorator. What layout uses the space most efficiently? What colors on the wall will make it come alive? How do I integrate my old pieces? What do I do first?!!!

I have no idea. Well… I have some ideas. O.K. I have lots of ideas! But the execution? That’s the tricky part. And, the cost! Making mistakes, even good ones you learn from, can be costly! More gallons of paint equals more money disappearing out of my pocket!

How will I balance that cost with the trial and error process of making a house my very own home?  Where there’s a will there’s a way!

from the side porch

Drama! Looking in from the side porch